This was driving me crazy but appareantly it's very simple. I created a rule with the rules module which would send a mail to multiple email addresses. Making the rule send emails to one email address worked fine but when I entered more than one email address the whole process would grind to a screeching halt and no mail was sent.

Sending mail to multiple email addresses with Rules

28/10/2015 - 19:10

It appears you have to use a specified way to enter multiple email addresses. Above the field where you have to enter these it states: "The formatting of this string must comply with RFC 2822." But what is "RFC 2822"? That's quite vague. Searching for RFC 2822 turns up a Wikipedia entry. See the field in the screenshot below:

RFC 2822 Text above input field

After a lot of trial and error I finally figured out that the correct "RFC 2822" way to enter email addresses is this: ,. As you can see in the screenshot below:

This is how you send mail to multiple email adresses with Rules

Easy right?

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