Painting of a fish market by Jan Brueghel.
Life Inc. by Douglas Rushkoff opened my eyes regarding our economic system, and in a larger sense, our way of living. In this excellent book Rushkoff explains how we have become accustomed to dealing with corporations instead of real people.
Painting of an artist at work by Jan Vermeer.
About a year ago I posted a blog about the pro and cons of designing in HTML. After designing one or two websites purely in HTML and CSS I felt the need to go back to Photoshop (but not entirely). In this blog I want to share my experience with you. Why did I go back to Photoshop and what does my design process look like.
I'm extremely intrigued by the future. What will happen or change in 5 or 50 years. Here are some things I think which will happen. Note: When I discuss these with people they usually laugh in my face and ridicule me. So am I really that crazy? Please let me know in the comments if you (dis)agree.
Painting of a man getting robbed.
Here are some ideas that are floating around in my head, but of which I'm quite certain I will never have the resources or time to actually build them. Nevertheless I really want to see these ideas come to live, because they are either very useful or very cool.